Further information about stuttering and Valsalva Stuttering Therapy:

New Insights and Tools To Beat Stuttering Blocks


An article based on my presentation at the 2011 NSA conference explaining stuttering blocks and showing results of Valsalva Control Therapy, including video.)

The Worldwide Valsalva Stuttering Therapy Program

William Parry's website about stuttering, the Valsalva mechanism, and Valsalva Control therapy for stuttering: - The Valsalva-Stuttering Network

William Parry's article on

The Valsalva Mechanism: A Key To Understanding and Controlling Stuttering

and his new article

Phonation and the Valsalva-Stuttering Block

Information about William Parry's book

Understanding and Controlling Stuttering: A Comprehensive New Approach Based on the Valsalva Hypothesis - 3rd Edition

Videos of William Parry's workshops at annual conferences of the National Stuttering Association.

Video of William Parry's workshop at the NSA conference in July 2009:

Beating Stuttering Blocks (Video)

William Parry's website on employment discrimination and legal issues: - Stuttering and the Law

Video of William Parry's workshop at the NSA/ISA conference in July 2016: The Neurological Key to Dissolving Stuttering Blocks

Support groups for Persons Who Stutter:

National Stuttering Association


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