Fees and Payment Options

I provide stuttering therapy by video conferencing over the Internet (depending on locations and subject to applicable law).  My regular fees are comparable to those charged by other private speech-language pathologists and stuttering therapy programs in the United States. 

E-mail me at to discuss the availability of online therapy in your area and to inquire about a free initial consultation.

Payments for therapy may be made by credit cards via PayPal.  Therapy sessions via the Internet must be paid for in advance through PayPal.  I do not accept insurance but will provide a detailed invoice for insurance reimbursement purposes.  Availability of Internet sessions will be determined based on  your location.

Fee Schedule

Rev. 5/23/2020


U.S. Dollars**


Br. Pounds*

Regular Hourly Rates:




Online therapy


€ N/A

£ N/A

In-office therapy




Standard Online Therapy Program

15 Hours of online therapy (after 20% discount) plus Materials Package.




Materials Package Only

Not including therapy.




*Due to the present volatility of currency markets, all fees must be paid in U.S. Dollars until further notice.  The conversion will be made automatically by PayPal or your credit card company based on the applicable exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

**Applicable to countries. Additional discounts may be available in certain countries.

 Description of Therapy Programs

The Standard Therapy Program includes 15 hours of individual online therapy and independent daily practice over a period of approximately 4 months.

Program fees represent a 20% discount from the Regular Hourly Rate, plus free inclusion of the Materials Package. Full payment for the program is required in advance. Additional therapy is available on an hourly basis.

In order to allow the therapy hours to focus more efficiently on each participant’s specific needs, the therapy program is supplemented by an extensive Materials Package, which can be downloaded (including exercise modules, other materials, and a PDF version of my book, Understanding & Controlling Stuttering).

Please note that there is no accepted "cure" for stuttering.  Nevertheless, much can be done to improve fluency and the ease and enjoyment of speaking.  The results of any stuttering therapy will vary depending on the individual and cannot be guaranteed.  Consequently, therapy fees are not refundable.

E-mail me at for further information.  If therapy is available in your area, we can arrange a free consultation, at which time we can discuss a therapy program tailored to suit your needs.  When a course of therapy is agreed upon, you will be sent an appropriate invoice through PayPal.

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