Understanding & Controlling Stuttering

A Comprehensive New Approach Based on the Valsalva Hypothesis

The Revised and Expanded Third Edition - 2013

Table of Contents



       Part I.      The Puzzle of Stuttering

         Chapter 1.       The Stuttering Experience           

         Chapter 2.       The Stutterer's Quandary            

         Chapter 3.       Pieces of the Puzzle                    

      Part II.      Speech and the Valsalva Mechanism 

         Chapter 4.       The Speech Mechanism                                         

         Chapter 5.       The Basics of Speech                                             

         Chapter 6.       The Valsalva Mechanism                                        

      Part III.      The Valsalva Hypothesis           

         Chapter 7.       An Introduction to the Valsalva Hypothesis       

         Chapter 8.       Valsalva Tuning and Forceful Closures             

         Chapter 9.       Valsalva Tuning and Phonation                        

       Chapter 10.       Varieties of Stuttering                                      

      Part IV.        Perpetuation of Stuttering Behavior 

       Chapter 11.       The Valsalva-Stuttering Cycle                       

       Chapter 12.       The Valsalva-Stuttering System                              

       Chapter 13.       The Neurological Triggering of Blocks           

       Chapter 14.       The Psychology of Stuttering                                  

      Part V.       Susceptibility to Stuttering

       Chapter 15.       The Origins of Stuttering                  

       Chapter 16.       Speech Functions of the Brain          

       Chapter 17.       Heredity and the Stutterer's Brain     

       Chapter 18.       The Brain and the Valsalva Mechanism                

      Part VI.       Fluency Enhancing Conditions       

       Chapter 19.       New Perspectives on Fluency Techniques            

       Chapter 20.       The Effects of Hearing and Role Playing              

    Part VII.       Stuttering Therapy                          

       Chapter 21.       Stuttering Therapies Revisited                               

       Chapter 22.       Psychological Approaches to Therapy                  

       Chapter 23.       Behavior-Oriented Therapies                                

       Chapter 24.       Drug Therapy                                                      

       Chapter 25.       Self-Help for Stuttering                                         

     Part VIII.      Breaking the Valsalva-Stuttering Cycle

       Chapter 26.       Introduction to Valsalva-Relaxed Speech             

       Chapter 27.       Adopting a Valsalva-Free Attitude                       

       Chapter 28.       The Power of Intentions                                    

       Chapter 29.       Controlling the Valsalva Mechanism                    

       Chapter 30        Valsalva-Relaxed Breathing                                 

       Chapter 31.       Principles of Valsalva-Relaxed Vowel Intention   

       Chapter 32.       Why Repetitive Exercises Are Important             

       Chapter 33.       Valsalva-Relaxed Vowel Intention Exercises        

       Chapter 34.       Valsalva-Relaxed Phonation Exercises                 

       Chapter 35.       Daily Practice Routines                                      

       Chapter 36.       Valsalva Control for Everyday Speech                 

       Chapter 37.       Learning from Experience                                   

  Conclusion.      A New Outlook on Stuttering


      Appendix A.      Organizations and Resources for Stuttering

                                Information and Self-Help

      Appendix B.      Valsalva-Free Self-Talk   

      Appendix C.      Consonant-Vowel Exercise   

      Appendix D.      Sample Picture Naming Exercise     

      Appendix E.       Sample Vowel-Specific Word Lists   

      Appendix F.       Sample Vowel-Specific Sentence Lists    

      Appendix G.      Sample Initial-Sound Sentence Lists   

      Appendix H.      Valsalva-Relaxed Humming and Articulation   

      Appendix I.        Humdronian Exercise Voiced Consonants  

      Appendix J.       Humdronian Exercise Mixed Consonants  

      Appendix K.      Humdronian PhonationTest   




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Introductory article on stuttering and the Valsalva mechanism (based on author's presentation and the 1995 World Congress for People Who Stutter).

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